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Granny Goes Cookies


You as a grandmother must keep your grandchild entertained by baking cookies, while simultaneously watching your blood pressure.  On the other hand, new TV for grandkid could be nice and more heart-medicine for you - thus you need to make enough cookies to sell them at the nearby store. Store is behind some forest, in the town where you should keep close control of your wheelbarrow full of cookies. Do not drift too much with it, as it raises your blood-pressure... Keep in mind that store is only open till midnight - so you need to reach store before that....


Arrows move granny. And while with wheelbarrow, left arrow drifts & runs - keep in mind that this really is quite bad for Granny's heart ...

Space-bar does various actions:

- while in nearby of doughing table, it makes a dough.

- "feeds" cookies to either your grandchild or wheelbarrow. Works also from long distance, so you can even throw cookie for grandchild across the room - that's fast food !!

- drifts while with wheelbarrow

Other things to know

Clock - store is open only till midnight ...

Ol' Granny's Blood Pressure O'Meter - keep this in close control or it could end badly...

Grandchild O'meter This shows how happy your grandchild is... Not really sure if you need this - you certainly will see (and hear) when he's not happy ...

In summary

Bake dough by pressing space couple of times while near dough table. Then move over to oven which automatically bakes a cookie. Pick up the cookie and  feed it to either grandchild or store it downstais to wheelbarrow. When done, take wheelbarrow (spacebar nearby) and exit from left of the building - remember 'Elvis has left the building".... Drive until at market. Buy some more stuff to keep grandchild entertained and your bloodpressure in control (sorry, buying not yet implemented ...)


Kyyrypyy Graphics, animations

Mysia Graphics

Vaingald Music, code, effects

Zoppa Code

Assembly Game Jam 2019 entry

Install instructions

Download and unzip & run & have fun.


cookiegranny.zip 32 MB

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